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Two cats in a Human world

Not again!

Isis: “Ollie, it’s closed.”
Ollie: “He’s shut us out of the bedroom again?”
Isis: “Looks like it.”
Ollie: “We MUST find out the secret of ‘doorknob’.”


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Little ouch

Ollie: Meeow? …Hey, what’s the big idea? It’s cramped in here! Metal and palstic are around me. Why are you putting Isis in one, too? Where are we going?
HELP! I’m scared. What is this place? I smell dog! I smell….oh dear!
I think I’ll hide under this chair. My Human and his brother are here with Isis and I.
I think we are in the Vet place.
There is nothing wrong with my ears or eyes, thank you very much!
Oh. That wasn’t nice jabbing me with that sharp thing.
What did I ever do to this guy? Sheesh!
Same to you, you ugly motttled colored little puppy dog!
Back in the cage? What’s money?
Back in this gigantic moving thing that makes me nervous.
Isis! How can you be so calm?
Oh! I think we’re back home. Lemme outta here!
There. That’s better.
Big hugs from my Human. I think I’ll join Isis and have a nap.

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