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In Which Isis Discovers a Green Pepper

Hullo, what’s this? It must have fallen out of that box that the flat tasty bread like stuff came in. Is it edible?
It looks good. (sniff…whisker touch) It smells good. Therefore….
What a strange sensation! I….(DROOOOOOLLLLLL).
Man, I ain’t diggin’ this at ALL! WATER!


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Isis Finds a Warm Spot

“Madam Speaker”


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Fight for Territory

Isis: “MMmmrrrrrr…”
Ollie: “Go away, I’m napping here.”
Isis: “I wants it!”
Ollie: “Beat it, puss! I was here first.”
Isis: “But you won’t be for long.”
Ollie: “Hey! Get outta my face!”
Bop! POW!
Ollie: “Now I’m MAD!”
Ollie: “ALRIGHT already! Sheesh! I guess I’ll get something to eat.”
Isis: (Paw, scratch) “Now it’s CLEAN, so I can nap here.” (Turn, knead, Lie down).

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