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The Visitor

Isis: “Hey, Ollie.”
Ollie: “Hmmmmm?”
Isis: “There is a DOG outside.”
Ollie: “I know.”
Isis: “Huh?”
Ollie: “Yeah, he sometimes comes into the territory to chat with the dog in the other yard or sleep under the wooden thing outside that our Human likes to eat his meals on at times.”
Isis (snarls):  “He is certainly taking liberties what with coming up on the porch and all to get out of the rain.”
Ollie: “Well he doesn’t stick around. Looks like our Human took some pictures.”
Isis: “Something must be done. Oh! Our Human comes.”
Human: “Hi guys. What’s up?”
Isis: “There is a dog on the porch. Can we do him in, please?”
Human: “Yes, you are a good kitty, Isis and I just put your food out this morning.”
(Ollie rolls his eyes and sneezes, his way of saying that he finds this whole thing amusing.)
Human: “You sure are talkative today. Now be a good kitty and don’t make too much noise while I’m working.”
Isis: “No, no no! This is not about food! It’s about our teritory!”
Ollie: “Why do you even bother?”
(The Human walks down the short hallway to his Office and sits down at “The Machine”.)
(Isis makes a sound of disgust, leaps up on the top of the sofa and glares out the window in disgust at the interloper.)


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