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Ollie: “Zzzzzzzz……”
Isis: “Oh….Cute!”
Ollie: (Opens one eye to see what all the hubbub is about)
Isis: “Puuurrrrrrr.”
Ollie: Keep it down, will ya? Trying to sleep here.”
Isis: “But look! Our Human has a picture on his odd box!”
Ollie: “The TV?”
Isis: “No, the one he sists in front of for most of the day and sometimes night.”
Ollie: “Ah yes, the Internet Game Music Movie Communication thing.”
Isis: “Well, there are these two cats….”
Ollie: “Oh? Lemme see.” (Leap!)
(Ollie and Isis see the following website featuring Sockington and Pennycat.)
Isis: “Sockington, the black and white one is somewhat charming.”
Ollie: “Pennycat, the orange one seems kinda persnickety.”
(At this point the Human comes in, sees the 2 cats on his desk and starts making loud and alarmed mad noises)
Ollie: “Jiggers! It’s hit the floor and out the door time!”



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The Visitor

Isis: “Hey, Ollie.”
Ollie: “Hmmmmm?”
Isis: “There is a DOG outside.”
Ollie: “I know.”
Isis: “Huh?”
Ollie: “Yeah, he sometimes comes into the territory to chat with the dog in the other yard or sleep under the wooden thing outside that our Human likes to eat his meals on at times.”
Isis (snarls):  “He is certainly taking liberties what with coming up on the porch and all to get out of the rain.”
Ollie: “Well he doesn’t stick around. Looks like our Human took some pictures.”
Isis: “Something must be done. Oh! Our Human comes.”
Human: “Hi guys. What’s up?”
Isis: “There is a dog on the porch. Can we do him in, please?”
Human: “Yes, you are a good kitty, Isis and I just put your food out this morning.”
(Ollie rolls his eyes and sneezes, his way of saying that he finds this whole thing amusing.)
Human: “You sure are talkative today. Now be a good kitty and don’t make too much noise while I’m working.”
Isis: “No, no no! This is not about food! It’s about our teritory!”
Ollie: “Why do you even bother?”
(The Human walks down the short hallway to his Office and sits down at “The Machine”.)
(Isis makes a sound of disgust, leaps up on the top of the sofa and glares out the window in disgust at the interloper.)

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Isis Finds a Warm Spot

“Madam Speaker”


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Fight for Territory

Isis: “MMmmrrrrrr…”
Ollie: “Go away, I’m napping here.”
Isis: “I wants it!”
Ollie: “Beat it, puss! I was here first.”
Isis: “But you won’t be for long.”
Ollie: “Hey! Get outta my face!”
Bop! POW!
Ollie: “Now I’m MAD!”
Ollie: “ALRIGHT already! Sheesh! I guess I’ll get something to eat.”
Isis: (Paw, scratch) “Now it’s CLEAN, so I can nap here.” (Turn, knead, Lie down).

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Happy New Year

Ollie: “Isis?”
Isis: “Hmmmmmm?”
Ollie: “Happy New Year.”
Isis: “Same to you, Ollie.
Ollie and Isis: “and Happy New Year to Scott, Adrian, Galandrake, Terry, Icarianna, Icaria, Muddy and Myst.”

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He’s Back

Our Human got back home in the afternoon.
It was so glad to see him again and he was glad to see us, too.
It was evident from the hugs he gave us.
Now he seems to be getting ready for something called Christmas.
That’s when……?

Ollie: ??? “Isis?”
Isis: “Hmmmm?”
Ollie: “You see what I see?”
Isis: “You mean the back porch rocking chair rocking by itself?”
Ollie: “Yeppers.”
Isis: !!!
(Ollie from under the couch): “Is it one of his ghosts?”
Isis: “No, silly. It’s a rather large cat!”
(Ollie from the arm of the couch): “Huh? Oh.”
Isis: “Where did he come from?”
Ollie: “Don’t know. I suppose our Human might know. Ya think?”

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The Message


“Hi Ollie and Isis, I’m down in Wimberley with Mom and my brothers having Thanksgiving.
I should be home by tomorrow night. See ya then. Bye. ”


Isis: “Hey Ollie.”
Ollie: “Hmmmm?”
Isis: “What’s Thanks giving?”
Ollie: “Oh, I think it’s an ancient tradition among Humans which involves praise and food and sleep”.
Isis: “Well, I’m thankful that we are friends.”
Ollie: “Awwwwwww, me too.” (Lick, lick)
Isis: “Hey, let’s run around the house real fast and get into the cabinets and under things!”
Ollie: “Yeah!”


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Sometimes he disappears

Our Human has a tendancy to dissappear at times.
He did so again yesterday. We have looked in all the spaces we can
but there’s no sign of him anywhere.
He does however, leave us with plenty of food and water.
We hope he will return in a couple of days.

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Ain’t we a couple of swells? 😀

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Our Human

A Vibe which has been exuding from our human, as Ollie has mentioned previously, seems to have gone away.
He doesn’t get up in the middle of the night to make the wretched noises in bathroom and he seems stronger and happier.
When he is ill, he isn’t himself and raises his voice at us if we get a bit too ram-bunk-chus. (I think that’s the word.)
Meanwhile, my worry is that our food has gotten quite low. Ollie doesn’t seem worried, though.
He says that he has seen the Human talking into something which he holds close to his face and has been talking about something called “money”.

I have no idea what this money is, but i would like to find out.

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