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New Digs!

Ollie: “Hey, Isis.”
Isis: “Yeah?”
Ollie: “Pack up the food and water bowls. We’re getting our own blog on Spud’s website!”
Isis: “Sweet! Where is it?”
Ollie: “It’s right here.”
Isis: “Hope to see y’all there.”
Ollie: “Yeah!”


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In Which Isis Discovers a Green Pepper

Hullo, what’s this? It must have fallen out of that box that the flat tasty bread like stuff came in. Is it edible?
It looks good. (sniff…whisker touch) It smells good. Therefore….
What a strange sensation! I….(DROOOOOOLLLLLL).
Man, I ain’t diggin’ this at ALL! WATER!

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I don’t feel well. 😦 My food has been coming back up.
My Human has told me we’re going to the Vet first thing Monday morning to get to the bottom of this.

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Sleeping is very nice.
I usually sleep on my Human’s bed.
The most comfortable place to sleep is on the covers which cover his chest.
I think he got an image of me while doing so.
While he seemed slightly amused, I was not.
But I like it here. He is so sweet to me.
I can go to sleep listening to the sound of his heart….
that us, until he turns on his side and tosses me off.

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A Year

Isis: “Hey, Ollie….”
Ollie: “Hmmmm?”
Isis: ” How many minutes are in a year?”
Ollie: “525,600 minutes.”

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Not again!

Isis: “Ollie, it’s closed.”
Ollie: “He’s shut us out of the bedroom again?”
Isis: “Looks like it.”
Ollie: “We MUST find out the secret of ‘doorknob’.”

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Ollie: We purr…..
Isis: ….therefore, we are.
Ollie: We’re going to take turns at this thing that you humans call Blogging.
Isis: But since we are cats, we have decided to call this Clogging.
Ollie: 🙂
Isis: We are not really supposed to be in his Office, but we need to find something to do while he sleeps.
Ollie: Quite so, and as long as it hums and vibrates like this, we know we can use it.
Isis: We both hope that you’ll drop by and look in on us, maybe even say hello.

Portrait of Ollie isis-portrait1

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