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In Which Isis Discovers a Green Pepper

Hullo, what’s this? It must have fallen out of that box that the flat tasty bread like stuff came in. Is it edible?
It looks good. (sniff…whisker touch) It smells good. Therefore….
What a strange sensation! I….(DROOOOOOLLLLLL).
Man, I ain’t diggin’ this at ALL! WATER!


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The Message


“Hi Ollie and Isis, I’m down in Wimberley with Mom and my brothers having Thanksgiving.
I should be home by tomorrow night. See ya then. Bye. ”


Isis: “Hey Ollie.”
Ollie: “Hmmmm?”
Isis: “What’s Thanks giving?”
Ollie: “Oh, I think it’s an ancient tradition among Humans which involves praise and food and sleep”.
Isis: “Well, I’m thankful that we are friends.”
Ollie: “Awwwwwww, me too.” (Lick, lick)
Isis: “Hey, let’s run around the house real fast and get into the cabinets and under things!”
Ollie: “Yeah!”


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Ollie: We purr…..
Isis: ….therefore, we are.
Ollie: We’re going to take turns at this thing that you humans call Blogging.
Isis: But since we are cats, we have decided to call this Clogging.
Ollie: 🙂
Isis: We are not really supposed to be in his Office, but we need to find something to do while he sleeps.
Ollie: Quite so, and as long as it hums and vibrates like this, we know we can use it.
Isis: We both hope that you’ll drop by and look in on us, maybe even say hello.

Portrait of Ollie isis-portrait1

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