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New Digs!

Ollie: “Hey, Isis.”
Isis: “Yeah?”
Ollie: “Pack up the food and water bowls. We’re getting our own blog on Spud’s website!”
Isis: “Sweet! Where is it?”
Ollie: “It’s right here.”
Isis: “Hope to see y’all there.”
Ollie: “Yeah!”


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2 For Twitter

Ollie: “Zzzzzzzz……”
Isis: “Oh….Cute!”
Ollie: (Opens one eye to see what all the hubbub is about)
Isis: “Puuurrrrrrr.”
Ollie: Keep it down, will ya? Trying to sleep here.”
Isis: “But look! Our Human has a picture on his odd box!”
Ollie: “The TV?”
Isis: “No, the one he sists in front of for most of the day and sometimes night.”
Ollie: “Ah yes, the Internet Game Music Movie Communication thing.”
Isis: “Well, there are these two cats….”
Ollie: “Oh? Lemme see.” (Leap!)
(Ollie and Isis see the following website featuring Sockington and Pennycat.)
Isis: “Sockington, the black and white one is somewhat charming.”
Ollie: “Pennycat, the orange one seems kinda persnickety.”
(At this point the Human comes in, sees the 2 cats on his desk and starts making loud and alarmed mad noises)
Ollie: “Jiggers! It’s hit the floor and out the door time!”


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